Saint Lucia citizenship is available to those who have made a substantial investment in the country. The country’s economy is driven by tourism and large construction projects that require large amounts of foreign investment. Foreign investors can qualify for Saint Lucia citizenship by purchasing shares in an approved project. If you plan to get St Lucia citizenship by investment program, you need to know the requirements for entry. Keep reading this article to know the requirements for entry to Saint Lucia.

COVID-19 requirements:

COVID-19 pre-travel requirements for entry into Saint Lucia have been canceled, according to the Saint Lucia Ministry of Health. However, arriving travelers are required to complete a Health Screening Form. This protocol is in place for all visitors aged five and over. In addition, the Saint Lucia Ministry of health advises visitors to wear a face mask to reduce COVID-19 transmission.

Vaccination required:

If you travel to Saint Lucia, you must get the necessary vaccinations. You must present a valid vaccination certificate at the entry of the island. You will also need to fill out a form to ensure that you do not have any diseases requiring pre-travel vaccination.

Health screening form:

The Saint Lucia government has changed the protocol for travelers entering the island. As of July 1, travelers from certain countries will no longer need to undergo a COVID-19 PCR test before the island arrives. Instead, travelers will need to complete a health screening form. The new protocol applies to travelers five years of age and older.

You should complete a health screening formonline at least seven days before your arrival in St. Lucia. Once completed, print a confirmation email. You should also print a health screening form. If you are unsure of your vaccination status, you should undergo a PCR test before arrival in St. Lucia.

Other restrictions:

While the government has taken steps to remove many restrictions on entry, some remain. For example, visitors still need to register with the government by filling out a St. Lucia Travel Registration Form, which is mandatory for everyone. People from countries that fall into the bubble must also fill out this form.

Additionally, those not fully vaccinated must present a COVID-19 test result. These regulations may change anytime, so checking the requirements before traveling is important. In addition, those who are not vaccinated must comply with safety protocols in Saint Lucia. These include wearing a mask and complying with other rules and regulations.