Value-Added Tax Filing – Details

VAT registration in Dubai can be done online by the following procedure.

  • Log on to Dubai’s Value-Added Tax website. Open the filing tab.
  • Fill in the related information needed along with the required documents.
  • Your business company may be assigned a momentary registration number for Value-Added Tax.
  • After all the documents and the application for Value-Added Tax registration has been verified, a stable registration number for Value-Added Tax will be issued to the business company.

How can you check Value-Added Registration position?

By the following steps, you can check how much your registration for Value-Added Tax has been completed.

  • Log on to the website for registration of Value-Added Tax.
  • Enter the Value-Added Tax number that has been assigned to your company.
  • The status of Value-Added Tax for your company and the position of the dealer will be given to you after the registration has been completed.

VAT Filing in UAE

Following are some points from Value-Added Tax return guide which you need for VAT filing in UAE.

  • The form which you need to file for Value-Added Tax return is under the name of VAT 201
  • VAT 311 is the form which is used for claiming input repay
  • Any taxable person can submit the Value-Added Tax return form
  • If the due date for the acceptance of the Value-Added Tax return and the remittances fails due to a weekend or any public holiday, then the time limit for the payment and for filing the return is continued to the first working day after the holidays
  • If there is no business agreement for the period of tax, you may submit a nil return by a particular deadline
  • Once the date of provision has come, the taxable person must report for the production tax within Value-Added Tax return
  • The supplies which are inside the designated zone don’t seem to be needed to be addressed in VAT return.
  • One can even make arrangements within the pre-populated VAT number on import of products just in case there is any mistake at customs.
  • If the amount is in excess, you may appeal for a refund of the particular tax period by filling out VAT 311 form. You may also take that excess amount to the following phase
  • Value-Added Tax return must be presented within the particular time limit otherwise you will have to pay AED 1,000 as penalty for the first time of missing the deadline
  • If a person fails to submit the Value-Added Tax by the respective deadline, it is a possibility that you can get a tax assessment issued by the FTA with an approximate tax you will have to pay
  • After the VAT return has been submitted, you need to pay the tax within the deadline of the particular period of tax
  • If you fail to pay before the deadline, the payment would be considered late and there would be a penalty for it