Side items to enjoy with your coffee

There are many best coffee shops in Dubai where you can go and enjoy your coffee but most of the people will not get their coffee alone as they also want to have something to eat with that. Some people prefer to have plain coffee but most of the people will like to have something along with their coffee. There are many things which cafes are serving now with their specialty coffee Dubai and you can taste these items one by one. When you are ordering a coffee then you have to keep that in your mind that it will be a bit heavy on your stomach so you should not order too many things with that. Here are a few food items which you can order along with your coffee:

Cake: These are the small cakes without the toppings and cream on them. There is a different variety in that like you can have a simple plain vanilla coffee cake or you can have the cake with chucks of fruits in that. You can also order chocolate cake but it will be quite the same as your coffee so you need to order anything else.

Pancakes: These are the favorite item of people to have in their lunch and most of the people will leave their home in a hurry without doing breakfast and then they ended up in to a café ordering their favorite coffee with pancakes. Like normal cake there is a great range of variety of these pan cakes too so you can try out a few to know which one you like the most. When you are eating it in a good café then you will probably like the taste of all of the pancakes which you tasted there.

Muffins: These are like the coffee cake but in a smaller or cake sized packs. You can take them to your way to the work when there is no time to sit there and eat. These muffins are easier to carry and then you can have your coffee in to disposable glass with a lid on top of it so that you can easily walk around with that without the fear of spilling it on yourself or on anyone else. You need to get this facility when there is less time to reach to your office.